Different S-Video to RCA Composite Connectors

by admin on July 17, 2010

S-Video to RCA

If you want to hook up any device along with a S-Video output to a RCA composite video connector, you may try to get a S-Video to RCA converter as it able to perform the converting your 4-pin S-Video cable to a male RCA connection. Quality construction results in excellent performance and durability that is backed by Amazon.com as it has different cable length.

S-Video to RCA composite adapters

Many of the adapters on Amazon are described as being “bi-directional” and carry S-Video to Analog signal, so I assumed that this one was too. Bad assumption. I’ve got an RCA signal coming out of my DVD/VCR using S-Video to RCA adapter, and only an S-Video jack free on my TV, so I wanted to use this 4-pin S-Video to RCA cable to convert my RCA signal to an S-Video input. It simply won’t do the job, the picture quality is unwatchable, it looks like maybe only 1 or 2 colors of information (and not a full picture) is making it into the TV. I know that the TV’s S-Video input works fine because I get a clear picture with other devices plugged into the same input jack on the TV.

Many are confuse whether does S-Video carry audio? The answer is no, it does not carry audio. Because it is simply a higher-quality way of obtaining a video signal from somewhere to another place through cables.

S-Video is commonly known as Y/C or Separate video. It transmits continuous and non digital signals through two separate channels; one is luminance and other is chrominance. Luminance is gray scale signal for brightness known as ‘Y’ while chrominance is a color information signal known as ‘C’. The cable do not carries the audio signals, it only transfers the video signals through two separate channels. The standard video is normally of 480i to 567i resolution.

Simply plug your VCR’s composite video to our converter and then the converter to your A/V receiver’s S-Video-in (or S-Video TV) and you’ve got a hassle free solution that allows you to run your entire system on S-Video.

If you have a computer that requires a 3.5mm stereo plug, then consider this adapter plus our “Pro AV” series below – that way you can make the “RCA to S-Video” connection and have the audio capabilities also.

RCA Vs S-Video
If you are curious whether RCA or S-Video is better, and you think that is may be S-Video but not sure about it since you ever read some articles stated S-Video is HORRID, then you have to know this. RCA is actually not a signal type but rather it is a connector type. And the signal carries by RCA is called composite. Thus, if you want better quality, you should connect via S-Video.

S-Video to Cat5
Some users think which S-Video to Cat5E is viable. They also talk about baluns while discussing about this installation. Thus, it appears most baluns’ proclaim optimal quality for S-Video to Cat5E with runs up to thousand feets.
s video to cat5

S-Video to Coax
S-Video to Coaxial package enable users to connect an stereo audio and also S-Video through your pc/laptop. You can then plug the cable to a RF coax antenna input of your television which you have had from the ancient time. You can connect it to HDTV as well.

15 Pin VGA to S-Video 3 RCA Composite AV Cable Adapter Converter for TV
15 Pin VGA to S-Video Cable is the VGA plugs contain 15 pins. Converts VGA/SVGA to S-Video/RCA signal. There are S-Video audio to 3 RCA connector that suitable for most big screen presentation using TV or projector. Playing your PC games on TV set. Present your work from PC to TV or Projector. This adapter will ONLY fit for VGA display cards with TV-Out function capability. It is a VGA to Video TV / S-Video + 3 RCA (Female) adapter cable.

s video to 3 rca

S-Video to Firewire Cable

The specification for FireWire (also known as i.link or IEEE 1394) states that the maximum length of a FireWire cable is 4.5 meters (14.5 feet). As a result, you cannot extend the distance of your FireWire device more than 14.5 feet without using an “active” extension cable.

RCA also known as Radio Corporation of America. RCA was released in 1940 to attach phonograph to amplifiers. Usually recognized as phono connector with 3 split channels, it’s electronic connector to hook to the TV as well as audio and video devices to one another sending the audio and video signals. Typically, these RCA cables use a plug of male connector on one end that is encircled with a type of ring and therefore are obtained in 3 codes of color of white, yellow and red. White and Red connectors are generally pertaining to right & left channels for sound and also the yellow-colored connector which hos video to firewirelds composite video. Composite video is able to delivers the higher quality image than S-Video cables.

Many S-Video to RCA composite cable connectors are available for you to buy online. These types of connectors are utilized to connect devices obtaining different supported structure of connectivity. A number of such connectors are S-Video with 3 RCA 6ft, S-Video with 2 RCA 12ft, special S-Video with three pin and some of them such as pro S-Video to three RCA and pro 7 pin S-Video to three RCA are available in 6ft, 12ft and 24 ft in the market. Not every electronic device supports the same format of input and output jacks. It is a cable that provides the signal of video through two different channels firstly ‘Y’, a grey scale image and lastly ‘C’, color information. One of these cables has four plugs with color code at its end such as black, yellow, red and white. Black and yellow plugs has the ground of ‘Y’ and ‘C’ of RCA while red and white carrying the signals of ‘Y’ meaning intensitys video to phono & ‘C’ meaning color (carries signal from 470pF Ceramic Capacitor) of S-Video.

Using the altering time, fresh developed devices are equipped with distinct jack format for instance some devices are consists of S-Video jack and other supports RCA jack. In order to overcome this difficulty, S-Video to RCA cable connector are released in the market. The picture quality of S-Video to RCA cable connector also varies on the standards. The yellow connector of the RCA cable carries the composite video signals. It is a two channel cable to transmit the signals of grey scale picture and color picture through different channels. To get the composite video quality these S-Video to RCA cable connectors can be used.

Thus, it can be said that these cable connectors are used to connect different devices having different input/out jacks. It also helps the S-Video supporting device to get the signal of composite video through the RCA cable.

Other information is S-Video to phono. It has 1 phono plug to 2 phono sockets adapter which is manufacture with nickel-plated shell which is Ideal for combining or splitting phono signals.

Personally, I still think that S-Video to RCA is the best converter for connecting my TV. You may want to try different methods if you happen to have different connection for your devices.

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Dear Sir,
I need a converter cable i.e. audio video to TV single pine 3.5mm jack i.e. LG 32LED 5500 AV2 connection. Please advice where can I get the same

LG TV video jacks


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You can find the cable at your nearby electronic shop.

Or you can buy from Amazon at

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