In Cell Touch Panel Technology

by admin on May 18, 2012

In cell touch panel technology or optical image touch control, could be the answer for producing thinner smartphones.  When smartphones first came out you could operate various commands by the touch of your fingertip versus using the keypad; however, customers complained of the phone being too bulky. Both Apple and Android phones have begun to adapt the in cell touch panel technology to create thinner phones; however, it seems Apple will introduce this feature in their 6th generation phone.

How in cell panel technology works

Phones without the touch panel have three layers to build the actual phone; the back light, the red, green, blue colored pixels known as LCD, and the glass cover. The in cell touch panel eliminates the middle layer; replacing it with another piece of glass to bounce off the red, green, and blue light.  In adding the in cell panel technology; manufacturers are able to cut the production down to 5 days rather than 14 days; also cutting down the actual cost of the making the phone. Customers most likely will not reap the price cut; in fact, any new smartphones with the in cell touch panel technology will also include new integrations for music, games, and streaming videos that the cost may increase.

Apple’s 6th generation of the smartphone

Apple has been working on their newest smartphone to beat out the competition. The Apple’s 6th generation phone is expected to be 7.9mm thick; which could make it the thinnest on the market.  They have made the glass face much thinner; which in turn makes the battery thinner and wider.  The creators of the new smartphone are trying to restructure the in-cell panels along with the glass to glass infrastructure; basically making the glass to glass thinner.

Concerns with the new smartphone

The common issue for those who use any type of smartphone is the battery life; will the thinner wider battery be the same or will that be the pitfall of the new thin smartphone. People with smartphones are also concerned of how durable the new phone will be; perhaps they have gotten used to the bulky design and rely on this alone to protect their phone.  With Apple introducing new upgraded phones rapidly how well are the phones put together?  Another issue the new height and width of the phone. It will be thinner; however the height and width will be larger.

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