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by Guest Author on April 9, 2014

In today’s competitive market, there is a new web hosting company launched almost every next month. These companies are launched with extensive marketing campaigns that promise excellent performance, reliable storage and professional technical support. But such companies are short lived; they perish just as easily as they emerge. The reason for their failure is their bad service and poor support. Such failures give a bad name to the entire web hosting industry and hence it becomes difficult to trust any particular service provider.

But one company has managed to gain the appreciation of its customers and maintain its reputation as a high end web hosting service provider. Yes, we are talking about “A Small Orange”.

  • No marketing gimmicks:

It is a common practice for web hosting companies to attach the word “unlimited” before any and every feature they advertise. The customers usually fall in this trap and when they realize the true meaning of unlimited they get disappointed. A Small Orange has taken a positive step to eradicate this false marketing. On the website of A Small Orange you will find all of the information true to the minutest detail. They tell you what you will get and not what you can hope for. Presenting a clear cut picture to the customer so that he can make an informed decision is the attribute of a wise service provider and in this field A Small Orange bags full marks.

  • SSD Driven:

For any website to succeed, it is extremely important that its customers experience no lag in processing speed and data retrieval. You might have noticed that some websites are painfully slow and you tend to lose interest once you realize that it takes forever to load a webpage. Such slow websites lose their audience very early and hence become a reason for the failure of the associated business. A Small Orange understands the need for speed and hence it employs solid state drives for data storage. Note that solid state drives are the fastest drives available today; they are about 300 times faster as compared to traditional storage systems. One thing is guaranteed, if you chose A Small Orange to host your website, you will never have any complaints regarding the loading time of your website.

  • Smart support:

Even though managing a website is not a rocket science but in today’s era of ever changing platforms it can be a bit confusing. For someone who is not well versed in IT services, even the simplest control panel can posses a huge challenge. For this reason it is extremely important that your web hosting service provider provides efficient and quick technical support.

A Small Orange has simplified the support process, if you find yourself confused or stuck at any point then all that you need to do is to send a ticket and your query will be answered within 30 minutes. Another advantage is that A Small Orange provides non-outsourced technical support hence you can be assured that your query will be dealt in the most professional manner.

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A hidden surprise

IPhone do not need any introduction. They have managed to garner a lot of appreciation for their new innovations and the various apps they introduce. iPhone always aim to bring something new to you and yet make it simple. The purpose is to make sure that everyone can use it and you do not find anything too complex. Perhaps that is the reason for their popularity. The only thing about ios is that it tends to take it for granted that people will figure things out and find it futile to state the obvious. That is the case with their panorama feature for the photos which at the first sight does not seem incredible but has a feature which is hidden from many. The panorama feature is available for the iPhone 5 or 4s so all the users can have more fun while clicking pictures of the views they like.

Change the direction

There is no denying that IOS always manages to come up with something new and it has not disappointed its fans even now with the latest panorama feature. Before we move on to how you can change the direction, let us go through what panorama feature actually is for those who are unaware. The panorama feature enables you to capture images of inconsistent sceneries and string them in a beautiful single image. It is not at all complicated as most of the work will be done by the app. All you have to do is tap and you will have beautiful images. You might not know but your iPhone that has the panorama feature also has the ability to change the direction. How to do it? The answer is fairly simple. If you look at the feature, you will find that the panorama slider has a large and white arrow on the side. When you will tap it, you will be able to change the direction. The arrow will move over to the right side of the screen giving you the freedom to record from right to left.

Have fun with photography

The new panorama feature allows you to capture all kinds of views just as you like. There are no inhibitions and no barriers; this feature is very handy not to mention simple which means that anybody can use it. You do not have to be n expert at photography to produce the magnificent images as most of the work will be done by this iPhone app. All you have to do is grab the arrow of the panorama slider along with the object till it is in the position you like and you will get a perfect picture. With the full panorama on, you can have a picture of as long as 16 megabytes but your cell phone might reduce the size to accommodate. Have fun clicking pictures with the panorama features and make full use of the ability to change the direction. Ios has made capturing photos even more captivating.

The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips.


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